Dutch Touch Construction and Landscape Service Testimonials

Dutch Touch Construction and Landscape Service Testimonials

“We have a beautiful beach front property in Carlsbad. Dutch Touch provides fabulous landscaping and gardening services. They do the seasonal color changes, they weed, they clip and fertilize. Our property is the best landscaped home on the beach.” Peter – Carlsbad, CA

“In 2008 we redid our entire backyard. New quartz walkways were installed, new fencing, new planting and a new shed area for trash. We just love the quality and have been getting our ongoing services ever since.” Stu – Oceanside CA

“Dutch Touch Landscaping has been taking care of our estate in Escondido for the past three years. Their service is reliable, prompt and always outstanding.” Meg – Escondido, CA

“We have a 1.5 acre property in Vista CA. Dutch Touch Landscaping takes care of both our hard-scapes and our routine maintenance. They are the best.” Daniel – Vista, CA

“We very carefully investigated Dutch Touch Landscaping before we commissioned them to take care of our estate in Rancho Santa Fe. To date they have done an outstanding job.” Carole – RSF, CA

“Dutch Touch Landscape has built our water feature, our koi fish pond, our patio cover and our outdoor kitchen. We love the work and integrity of this company.” George – Carlsbad, CA