Dutch Touch Landscaping Service in Del Mar CA 92014

Landscaping Construction Service Del Mar 92014 Dutch Touch Dutch Touch Del Mar Landscape, designs landscapes, builds landscapes, installs landscapes and maintains landscapes. An enduring landscape must consider many variables such as soil condition, drainage, sun and wind exposure, pest management, irrigation management, and most importantly the lifestyle of the owner(s) and their intended interaction with the landscape being created. The interaction of hardscapes –manmade structures such as walkways, arbors, patios, water falls, ponds, barbecues, fountains etc with the softscapes- the plants, trees, shrubs, flowers is what creates the outdoor living space of your imagination.  We can help you select the species that will work in your climate area and on your property and recommend to you what not to use and what to avoid.

Del Mar water conservation, water smart landscaping- Xeriscaping, the use of succulents, cacti, draught tolerant desert species is a specialty of Dutch Touch’s, designer Josephina Reh. You can see her work at the Chapel of Awareness in Encinitas, at the commercial center of the Village of Rancho Santa Fe, and by invitation at the estates of RSF residents.

Landscape lighting extends the pleasure of your outdoor spaces throughout the evening and early night hours. Professionally designed and installed outdoor lighting enhances the beauty of your property and adds safety and security. Today’s high technology outdoor lighting fixtures can be LED, low wattage halogen, sensor and motion controlled and can be totally self fuelling using solar packs. We work closely with several outdoor light component suppliers and have access to the latest most efficient landscape lighting and landscape security and safety systems.

Dutch Touch Del Mar  maintenance gardeners will visit your property regularly and maintain your outdoor living spaces on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or demand basis.

Dutch Touch Del Mar landscape maintenance teams provide comprehensive services, including aeration, fertilization, weed control, seeding, planting, irrigation system installation, repair and much more. We use the old fashion methods using brooms and rakes and dispose of the green waste. We don’t make your house dirty with blowers which throw dirt and dust up into the air and it falls back down on your lawn and your neighbor’s lawn and under your garage door.